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Add Technical Indicator to Chart


Functions to add technical indicators to a chart.


The general mechanism to add technical analysis studies or overlays to a financial chart created with chartSeries.

Functionality marked with a ‘*’ is via the TTR package.

General TA charting tool functions:

Current technical indicators include:

See the individual functions for specific implementation and argument details. Details of the underlying TTR implementations can be found in TTR.

The primary changes between the add*** version of an indicator and the TTR base function is the absense of the data argument in the former.

Notable additions include on, with.col and overlay (deprecated).


Called for its side effects, an object to class chobTA will be returned invisibly. If called from the R command line the method will draw the appropriate indicator on the current chart.


Calling any of the above methods from within a function or script will generally require them to be wrapped in a plot call as they rely on the context of the call to initiate the actual charting addition.


Jeffrey A. Ryan


Josh Ulrich - TTR package

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