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Download and View Financial Statements


Download Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements from Google Finance.


getFinancials(Symbol, env = .GlobalEnv, src = "google", 
              auto.assign = TRUE,

viewFinancials(x, type=c('BS','IS','CF'), period=c('A','Q'),
               subset = NULL)


Symbol a valid google symbol
env where to create the object
src currently unused
auto.assign should results be loaded to the environment
... currently unused
x an object of class financials
type type of statement to view
period period of statement to view
subset ‘xts’ style subset string


A utility to download financial statements for publically traded companies. The data is directly from Google finance. All use of the data is under there Terms of Service, available at

Individual statements can be accessed using standard R list extraction tools, or by using viewFinancials.

viewFinancials allows for the use of date subsetting as available in the xts package, as well as the specification of the type of statement to view. BS for balance sheet, IS for income statement, and CF for cash flow statement. The period argument is used to identify which statements to view - (A) for annual and (Q) for quarterly.


Six individual matricies organized in a list of class ‘financials’:

IS a list containing (Q)uarterly and (A)nnual Income Statements
BS a list containing (Q)uarterly and (A)nnual Balance Sheets
CF a list containing (Q)uarterly and (A)nnual Cash Flow Statements


As with all free data, you may be getting exactly what you pay for.


Jeffrey A. Ryan


Google Finance BETA:


## Not run: 
JAVA <- getFinancials('JAVA')
AAPL <- getFin('AAPL')

JAVA$IS$Q   # Quarterly Income Statement
AAPL$CF$A   # Annual Cash Flows

## End(Not run)

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