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Download Currency and Metals Data from


Access to 191 currency and metal prices, downloadable as more that 36000 currency pairs from

Downloads Symbols to specified env from historical currency database. This method is not meant to be called directly, instead a call to getSymbols(\dQuote{x},src=\dQuote{oanda}) will in turn call this method. It is documented for the sole purpose of highlighting the arguments accepted, and to serve as a guide to creating additional getSymbols 'methods'.


                 return.class = "xts",
                 from = "2007-01-01",
                 to = Sys.Date(),


Symbols a character vector specifying the names of each symbol to be loaded - expressed as a currency pair. (e.g. U.S. Dollar to Euro rate would be expressed as a string “USD/EUR”. The naming convention follows from, and a table of possible values is available by calling oanda.currencies
env where to create objects.
return.class class of returned object
from Start of series expressed as "CCYY-MM-DD"
to Start of series expressed as "CCYY-MM-DD"
... additional parameters


Meant to be called internally by getSymbols only.

Oanda data is 7 day daily average price data, that is Monday through Sunday. There is a limit of 2000 days per request, and getSymbols will fail with a warning that the limit has been exceeded.


A call to getSymbols(Symbols,src="oanda") will load into the specified environment one object for each 'Symbol' specified, with class defined by 'return.class'. Presently this may be 'ts', 'its', 'zoo', 'xts', or 'timeSeries'.


Oanda rates are quoted as one unit of base currency to the equivelant amount of foreign currency.


Jeffrey A. Ryan


See Also

Currencies: getSymbols.FRED, getSymbols


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